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I now have an ISBN number, which means that the book should at last be on the database that bookshops and libraries use, so it ought to be possible to order it anywhere. Richard Priestley. System Change Now! ISBN 978-1-3999-3540-1

I had hoped to keep the price as low as possible, but getting books into distant bookshops involves expensive postage, plus the bookshops commission, so in most bookshops the book is likely to sell for £20.00. I am selling them locally directly to people for the discounted price of £10.00, and a few local shops have some copies to sell at somewhere near this price. If people e-mail me I can post them a copy for £15.00. Sales are really beginning to pick up, which is great.

I’m planning to start a Zoom discussion group as several people who’ve read the book say that they would like this. We’ll be able to explore some of the ideas from the book, and it will be very useful for me to get your feedback. There is much we can all learn together. For more information about this discussion group do see the blog I posted on 8th November, and register via the link in that blog or directly here.

If you would like to buy a copy of my book directly from me, then do please e-mail me at

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