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The Millichap Peace Fund: ‘Is a better future possible?’

talk by Richard Priestley Wed 22nd Sept at 7.30pm via Zoom

A video of this talk is now available here. Just the talk itself, unfortunately not the question and answer section, which was perhaps the best part.

Richard Priestley will argue that the global crises we face at present are all interlinked and are evidence of system failure.

He will portray his vision of a very different future, more peaceful, less polluting and how a more equal global society might look and how we might get there.

hosted by Millichap Peace Fund

Hereford Quaker Meeting, Registered charity no 1134528

Humanity faces an unprecedented range of crises. The global climate is rapidly becoming destabilized, countless species are in decline, inequality has become very much more extreme, and many indicators of health and happiness are looking grim. Warfare, violence and conflict continue unabated.

Richard Priestley will argue that these crises are all interlinked and are evidence of system failure. The school strikes for climate movement, and many other groups, often use the phrase ‘System Change Not Climate Change’. What is meant by System Change and why does it matter?

In this talk Richard will portray his vision of a very different future. He will try and show how a more peaceful, less polluting and more equal global society might look and how we might get there. He will also touch upon what we as individuals can do to be part of the change. The talk is essentially a very brief synopsis of a book he is working on and hopes to have finished by spring 2022.

The talk will go out live on Wednesday 22nd September at 7.30pm. There will be time for questions. The talk, but not the questions and discussion, should also be available to watch online afterwards.

‘Big Questions: Unthinkable Answers’ is an evolving series of online talks where I explore some of the very big questions around system change, rapid decarbonization and reversing the ecological collapse. These talks have been organized by De Koffie Pot Zoom platform for invited participants. I could also do these presentations to other groups.
Big Questions: Unthinkable Answers’. Humanity faces multiple interlinked web of crises: climate, ecological, social & political. We cannot solve any one of them alone. Radical change is needed and is nowhere to be seen within political or media discourse. Here I explore what systemic change may look like, and how trillions of pounds might be raised and spent most effectively to create the change that millions of want to see. Extremely rapid decarbonization is necessary, and in these talks I shall show how it could be done.
 July 2020: Introduction to ‘Big Questions: Unthinkable Answers’
Sept 2020 System Change: Economics, Politics & Protest
Oct 2020 Energy: 100% renewables for everything, everywhere.
Nov 2020 Food, Farming & Biodiversity
Jan 2021 We all want to change the World… but HOW?
Feb 2021 A Global Green New Deal
March 2021: Possibilities: Hot dry deserts: Crucible of ‘The Solar Age’
April 2021 Possibilities: Herefordshire Reimagined

Talks from 2020 and before

Tuesday 24th March, 6.30pm. Hereford Cathedral. ‘COP26, Climate Change: Politics & Policy’ EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS. Podcast version coming soon
Thursday 21st May, 7.30pm. High School, Newtown, Powys. ‘The Energy Transition: Renewable energy can power the world sustainably and economically, this is how” EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS
Wednesday 4th March, 7.30pm. Presteigne Assembly Rooms. Part of the Sharppp Chat Programme. ‘The Energy Transition from a Fairness Perspective’

Sunday 15th Oct, De Koffie Pot ‘The Solar Age: Global Energy Futures’ All the latest on Global developments in renewables in general and solar in particular, and where it might all be heading.

Wednesday 24th July 2019, 7.30. De Koffie Pot, Hereford. ‘Re-imagining the Global Economy’

Sunday 12th November 2017,  Hereford Quakers. Housing, Sustainability & Social Justice

Friday 22nd September 2017,The Community Centre, Leominster. Transition Leominster. ‘Can we Feed 9 billion people sustainably?

Weds 9th Aug 2017: De Koffie Pot, The Left Bank, Hereford: ‘The Human Future: Changing Technology, Changing Politics’

11.00 am, Sunday 16th July 2017, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London: ‘How to create a better world – fundamental principles’ Now re-titled as ‘Unlocking a Better World’

7.30 Weds 12th July 2017: De Koffie Pot, The Left Bank, Hereford:  Can we Feed 9 billion people sustainably?

4.00pm Saturday 8th July: Seed Festival, Hawkwood, Stroud. Brief zoom through of ‘How to create a better world – fundamental principles’ plus panel discussion

7.30 Weds 7th June 2017: Methodist Church, Cartway, Bridgnorth, Shropshire: ‘Trump, the Carbon Bubble & possibilities of a better future’

7.30 Weds 10th May 2017:   De Koffie Pot, The Left Bank, Hereford:  Sustainable Transport, Local & Global?

Wednesday 8th March 2017 De Koffee Pot, Left Bank, Hereford,  ‘Trump, the Carbon Bubble & possibilities of a better future’.

Monday 12th September 2016,   7.30 pm.  Three Tuns Pub, Bishop’s Castle.  The Smart Future: Renewable Energy, Globally & Locally. Organised by Bishop’s Castle & Clun Climate Change Coalition.

Saturday 15th October 2016, 2.00pm CPRE AGM. Weobley Village Hall. “Post-Brexit – what future for Herefordshire?’


I give one-off talks on sustainability issues, to many diverse groups and organisations. If you’d like me to do a talk and slide show do get in contact via the e-mail on the contacts page.

Evening Classes

 Global Problems : Global Solutions

This is a series of 8 evening classes that I have run over the last five years, at most of the market towns of Herefordshire, as well as in Hereford city. A very solution focused romp through many of the worlds great problems from climate change to hunger and poverty.

Ledbury: Radical Possibilities for a Better Future

This was an experimental evening class aimed at exploring local people’s hopes for the future. It was hosted by WEA and ran from Feb to April 2013. It was the intention to kick-start real projects and the embryonic Ledbury Solar Coop has been formed by a wonderful group of people who came together on this course.

Leominster: Radical Possibilities for a Better Future

Based on the Ledbury course, I ran the Leominster one during autumn 2013.

Sustainable Malvern was I series of 6 workshops I ran in Malvern in Spring 2016.

old video of me talking about my work and upcoming classes