Global Problems: Global Solutions

Between 2007 and 2011 I worked on a book entitled “Global Problems: Global Solutions”. It remains unfinished and unpublished. (If any publishers who’ve looked at this site feel inspired to talk about publication I’m happy to do so!) Researching it lead to all the talks, classes and articles I’ve been engaged with over the last half dozen years.

Now, in the early spring of 2014, I’m looking again at this old draft manuscript. I have it in mind to break it up into a series of essays, which of course will need extensive re-writing and updating, and publish these over the next few years.

I’ve written various essays, articles and reports, here are a few of them:

Solar Solutions

This essay focuses on the extraordinary potential of concentrating solar power. It was written in autumn 2008 and published in December 2008 in Industrial Fuels and Power online magazine.
Read ‘Solar Solutions’ as PDF

30 Inspirations 30 Proposals

This report makes suggestions for improving Herefordshire’s sustainability. It was written in early 2010 and published on the New Leaf website in April 2010.
 Read ’30 Inspirations 30 Proposals’ as PDF

Localising Herefordshire’s Energy Economy

This report stresses the tremendous economic and social benefits of developing an energy-efficient and renewables-based economy. It was written January to March 2012 and published in April 2012.
Read ‘Localising Herefordshire’s Energy Economy’ as PDF

The New University of Herefordshire: Why it should be an Exemplar of Sustainable Development.

This report, funded by the European Climate Knowledge Innovation Community, advocates a particular focus for the New University of Herefordshire. It was written in July 2014 as a Draft Discussion Document.

Read Herefordshire University  document as a PDF