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Talks & Book: Positive Possibilities

I am about to start a Spring and Summer season of talks promoting my book ‘System Change Now!’ The book, like my old series of talks called ‘Global Problems: Global Solutions’, acknowledges the scale of the many problems humanity faces, but is overwhelmingly solution focused. We could provide a really good standard of living for all eight billion of us while restoring nature, reversing the climate crisis, eliminating poverty and much more besides. However to do all this does require change: change in politics, economics, technologies and land use systems. None of this change relies on technologies that do not exist, or on impossible ideas.

In many areas very much better systems are emerging, but sadly they get very little media attention and so are often not well known. My aim is to shine a light on some of these ideas and technologies, political movements and land use systems that show that the trajectory of our collective future as a species may be on the cusp of monumental change. I also want to explore our own agency as individuals and communities in creating change. Hope lies in action, and in understanding the alternatives that exist. For example, if we see humanity’s addiction to fossil fuels as unchangeable then climate breakdown seems inevitable. If on the other hand we can see that replacing fossil fuels with renewables can be done quickly across all sectors of the global economy, then reversing the climate crisis looks a whole lot easier.

The first talk of the series is to be in Colwall on Tuesday 11th April, at the Colwall Park Hotel, Walwyn Road, Colwall, Herefordshire WR13 6QG. Doors open 6.30pm for 7.00pm talk, hosted by Colwall Greener.

The second talk will be in Stourport, at a Sustainability Festival organized by Wyre Forest Green Alliance. I’ll be speaking on Saturday 29th April, time and exact location to be confirmed. More.

The third talk will be at Spring Greens, at the Court of Noke near Pembridge, Herefordshire, HR6 9HW, on Sunday 30th April. I’ll be around all day to sell copies of my book and to chat about the ideas within it. At some point in the day I will be giving a talk and slide show. More details to follow.

I would very much like to add to this list, so if you’d like me to speak at your festival, or in your village hall, or to do a presentation via Zoom, then do please e-mail me at

Book sales increase!

The Castle Bookshop in Ludlow, one of a number of shops and cafes now selling my book

Sales of my book ‘System Change Now!’ are really beginning to pick up. I’ve sold about two hundred copies, roughly half of the number I had printed just a few months ago. I am beginning to think of a second print run, or possibly, in the longer term, even a second edition.

You can order copies from me directly, or through any library or bookshop: ‘System Change Now!’ by Richard Priestley, ISBN 978-1-3999-3540-1

More and more bookshops, cafes and other shops in and around Herefordshire are stocking the book. In Hereford, Hey Honey and Waterstones have copies, in Ledbury Pot and Page and Ledbury Books and Maps have copies, in Leominster copies are available in Norrie’s cafe, in Ludlow both Castle Bookshop and Myriad Organics have copies, in Malvern, Greenlink, the Cube and Malvern Book Co-operative all have copies. In Colwall Cafe Morso and Cafe H2O have copies, in Bromyard Food For All has a copy, the shop at Queenswood has copies, in Knighton Rhos Organics has a copy, and in Presteigne they have copies at the Workhouse and also in the Kingshead Stores.

Over the coming weeks I hope to get the book into more shops. So far most of the sales have been though a dozen or so real enthusiasts who are so keen on the book they have all bought multiple copies to give to friends and relatives. Huge thanks to each of them, and to all the bookshops who are now stocking my book. Each month since I published in July sales have gradually increased, from quite a slow start. I knew so little about the world of book publishing, distribution and sales. I’m learning, and enjoying the process immensely. I’ve discovered some wonderful bookshops, cafes and quirky one-off shops, and met some great people. Thanks to one and all.

Zoom Discussion Group

I am planning to start a monthly Zoom discussion group. In part this will be an exploration of the ideas in my book ‘System Change Now!’ and in part it will be about all of our various efforts to help create a better future, or at least to avert the worst catastrophes.

Most of you will have tried some or all of these:- writing letters and lobbying MP’s, signing petitions, supporting consumer boycotts, trying to live ethical lifestyles, voting and being active in political parties, going on demos, occupying buildings or city centres. Some of you may have tried inventing things or other entrepreneurial efforts to effect change, or setting up or investing in renewable energy co-ops. My own efforts for these last couple of decades have mainly focused on envisaging a different future, and writing and speaking about it.

Where best to put our efforts? I have in some small way tried all of the above. In the 1960’s I wrote my first letter of protest to LBJ about the Vietnam War, and gave my first talk on climate change and planetary scale pollution in 1972 while still in 6th form. I have in numerous ways been an activist all my adult life, as I’m sure many of you have.

In theory most of us support numerous groups but in practice, time, effort and money are all limiting factors. What is the most effective use of our own resources and energy? What have we individually found most enjoyable, inspiring and energising? Can we form temporary alliances to achieve identifiable, specific goals?

No doubt over the course of a few sessions all of this and much more will be explored and discussed. Ideas will emerge from the group that may help us all in some as yet unknown way.

Callum Coomber and I will be co-hosting these sessions. We will have our first session at 7.00pm on Tuesday 22nd November. You can register here and a Zoom link will be sent out a few days before the session. We will be using the Green Party’s Action Network and Zoom account, but you absolutely don’t need to be in the Green Party to participate in these sessions. They are open to everyone.