Go Local Radical Green

(Leominster sun roof)
The business case for going radically green has never been stronger.
In a number of recent talks I’ve stressed the business case for going radically green. For most places we import all, or virtually all, our energy into the local economy, which is a tremendous drain on that economy. A growing number of places are now generating all, or a large proportion, of their electricity, heat and transport fuels from locally owned and controlled renewables. My blog posted on 12th September was about how the small Austrian town of Gussing turned an annual outflow of 6 million Euros into a locally circulating beneficial turnover of 15 million Euros. They are achieving falling carbon emissions, increasing biodiversity and rising prosperity based on locally owned and controlled renewables.
I’ve done a rough calculation and estimate that Herefordshire spends something close to half a billion pounds per annum on energy. This is for all fuels, oil, petrol, gas and electricity for all sectors of the economy. Virtually all this money leaves the County never to return and so represents a huge drain on the County’s economy. I am currently doing some research on the possibilities of transforming the economy of the County with a revolution in how we use energy. The scope for radically improving energy efficiency in buildings, transport and farming systems is immense. A lot of money will need to be invested and by doing so many exciting new business opportunities and jobs will be created. At the same time as investing to save energy we will need to invest in renewable energy. It was very exciting to be at the launch of the Leominster solar roof on Tuesday, our first community owned renewable energy project in the County, and hopefully the first of many!
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Leominster Solar Roof http://www.sharenergy.coop/leominstersolar/