‘System Change Now!’ by Richard Priestley

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My book is published, at last!

Dear readers of my blog

My life’s work: the book, this blog and lots of talks…

I have wanted to write a book since my schooldays in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was to be a book about the many problems in the world and possible pathways to a better future. For decades I didn’t have the time or confidence to start writing, and I knew I needed learn a lot first. I did decades of reading, research and lifestyle experimentation. In 2007 I did start writing, and wrote 80,000 words and then abandoned the almost finished manuscript as I could not find a publisher. People asked me what I was writing about, so I started giving talks in village halls, at conferences and festivals, and at venues as varied as a committee room in the Houses of Parliament and an Occupy protest camp at St Paul’s Cathedral. In 2010 I started the blog. Over the years I had a few more false starts with the book.

I started writing a new version of the book in September 2020 and finished it in April 2022. Editing, typesetting and printing took the next few months and now in late July 2022 I have a pile of books to sell! My 2007 version was very technologically focused, and in this current version the focus is wider.

I now want to organize a series of book launch events in venues in and around Herefordshire and neighbouring counties. As I am self-publishing the book it does not have an ISBN number and therefore cannot be ordered through normal bookshop and library channels. I am hoping to get it into a number of local bookshops and other outlets. The first shop to take copies to sell is Hey Honey in Church Street, Hereford.

The book is called ‘System Change Now!’ and is for sale at £10.00p per copy to those who buy the book directly from me in Hereford. At shops it may be a little more, depending on shop mark-up, and distance from Hereford. Nowhere in UK will it be more than £15.00p

  Richard Priestley System Change Now!

One man’s vision of a better future Healing a network of crises: Climate, Ecological, Political, Social and Economic through a Global Green New Deal to achieve Human Liberation & Planetary Rewilding

Chapter 1: System Change & A Global Green New Deal
Chapter 2: System Change: Politics, Economics & Society
Chapter 3: Energy, Infrastructure & Materials
Chapter 4: Food, Farming & Biodiversity 
Chapter 5: System Change & Regional Geographies
Chapter 6: Creating Change: What we can do
Chapter 7: Postscript: Putin & Possibilities

2 thoughts on “‘System Change Now!’ by Richard Priestley

  1. Chris Evans

    Congratulations Richard, after all this time it will be good to see all your wisdom and experience under 1 roof, so to speak. I know I’ll definitely be getting a copy!

  2. Jacky Ivimy

    I’m v keen to read it, Richard. Will you be touring the bookshops giving talks? If so, I strongly recommend Rossiter Books in Ross, hope to hear you there maybe? Or Hereford if Ross doesn’t work out. Anyway, BRAVO!!!


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