Herefordshire CAN: Climate Action Now!

Cathy and Wendy from Herefordshire Climate Action Now!

I started this ‘Global Problems: Global Solutions’ blog in January 2010. The central message is that humanity could manage its affairs a whole lot better than it does. We are faced by a complex network of problems, the most critical of which is Climate Change. A network of inter-related solutions exists, at least in theory, but political will is the missing ingredient. Between 2007 and 2011 I devoted a lot of time to writing a manuscript for a book that remains unfinished and unpublished, but out of which has grown this blog, lots of talks, classes, reports and actions. After Bill McKibbens 2008 Schumacher Conference speech I got involved in and helped organise a big day of action in Hereford on 24th October 2009, that linked-in with similar actions in about 189 countries around the world. Last week I again heard Bill speaking, this time about the Carbon Bubble and Disinvestment Campaign. Do check-out’s website via the link below. They’re doing great things all over the world. In Herefordshire Wendy Harvey, Cathy Monkley and Erika Lyons have set-up CAN, Climate Action Now, and have worked with the team to organise a local petition, which I strongly urge my entire local readership that live in Herefordshire to sign. If you live elsewhere why not work with to set-up a similar petition to lobby your local politicians.

As I write this the CAN petition has 305 signatures. Let’s see how many we can get. We will then present the petition to the 58 Herefordshire Councillors and our two MPs. This will of course tie-in with other things going on within the county, such as the Re-energising Herefordshire Charter which was launched at the Courtyard on 15th October. There are many opportunities for beneficial change if we grasp the challenge of decarbonising our economy. We need to build a better informed conversation with our local politicians and this petition is a vital step: do sign it!

The local CAN petition

The global work of