Clique Solar win WWF Award

Clique Arun Solar Fresnel Dish

Clique Arun Solar Fresnel Dish

It is good to see the progression of WWF from an organisation that seemed solely focused on protecting individual species by setting up game parks to one which works to promote humanity living sustainably in harmony with wildlife. They realise the importance of tackling the big issues, like Climate Change, and to do so in innovative and ambitious ways. WWF India has recently awarded one of its Climate Solver awards to Clique Developments Ltd for their Arun Dish solar technology.


I’ve frequently mentioned the possibilities of using concentrated solar power to supply heat directly to desalination projects or to other industries. In July I blogged about the solar revolution happening in Morocco and highlighted Airlight Energy’s project at Ait Baha which supplies super heated air directly to a cement works, essentially the World’s first solar powered cement factory. Clique have developed a smaller scale unit suitable for a variety of uses and their website is full on fascinating examples of this solar technology being deployed all across India.


The Mahanand Dairy use a single Clique Arun Dish to pasteurise 30,000 litres of milk per day and to do other tasks of a dairy such as cleaning and sterilization of equipment, and it can do this at any time of day or night just using the solar generated steam to store pressurized hot water at 18bar and 180 degrees centigrade in a 4.5m³ tank. In Chennai a single solar dish is used to generate steam to cook up to 3,000 meals per day in a student hall of residence, and again thermal storage is used so that breakfast preparation can start long before the sun has risen. The Maurya Hotel in New Delhi is using two Arun Solar Dishes to provide steam and hot water for cooking, cleaning, laundry and hot water for domestic use.


All excellent, innovative and effective ways of replacing fossil fuels with solar power and so helping cut carbon emissions. Well done to Clique and to WWF India.


WWF and WWF India Climate Innovations


Clique and do please look at their case studies pages. Lots of fascinating examples and details