An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau


Congratulations on winning the Canadian election, and doing it in such style. Taking the Liberal Party from 34 to 184 seats was very impressive. Ousting the dreadful Harper administration is something many of us around the World would like to thank-you for. Well done!

The Paris Climate talks will be upon us in five weeks time. Justin, you and Canada have a choice. You could follow the dreadfully polluting path of the Harper administration with its reckless exploitation of the Alberta tar sands and its plans for Keystone XL. Alternatively Canada could be a Cleantec pioneer. Currently Canada’s per capita carbon emissions are 14.1 tonnes, a pretty dreadful statistic. However Canada is a country with many and varied resources and opportunities. Carbon emissions could be slashed while creating many social, economic and ecological advantages.

Canada has huge opportunities to develop its renewable power sector. Hydro is already important, but could be improved and expanded, particularly by developing pumped storage facilities. Wind, wave and tidal power all could be locally important. Solar power in its various forms could be surprisingly useful. Wood chip gasification, as pioneered in the Austrian town of Gussing, has vast potential. Promoting local renewable energy coops might be the best way to maximise local social, economic and ecological benefits. Perhaps the biggest single contribution could be made by adopting very strong energy efficiency standards across all parts of the economy. Improving the grid infrastructure generally and interconnections with your American neighbour would be useful: you could sell them more zero carbon electricity instead of oil from the tar sands of Alberta. A statement to that effect would really enhance Canada’s standing in the global community. I’d love to act as a consultant to help you bring this alternative vision into reality!

Best wishes