2021 By-Elections: Greens gaining ground.

I’ve blogged a lot about council by-elections this year. Election Maps is run by a heart surgeon as a hobby, and he produces excellent graphics and data. On Christmas Eve he published this. It shows the aggregate results of all the council by-elections held during 2021. It shows the Conservatives, Independents, Labour, SNP and UKIP all losing seats and the Greens, Liberal-Democrats and Plaid Cymru all gaining seats. In my last blog I mentioned the Green Party gaining eight seats in by-elections over the last few months and now this shows them gaining twelve over the year. It does not mention the main round of local elections held each May, where of course many more seats change hands, and where over the last few years the Green Party has been making impressive gains, as I’ve previously reported on this blog, here and here

2021 Council By-Elections Aggregate Result:

CON: 64 (-10)

LAB: 50 (-2)

LDM: 36 (+10)

GRN: 14 (+12)

IND: 14 (-5)

SNP: 6 (-2)

PLC: 4 (+1)

UKIP: 0 (-1)

Others: 8 (-3)

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